Style \ U.S. commemorative stamp series

client \ academic

timeframe \ 4 weeks (fall 2014)

challenge \ create a commemorative stamp series that appeals to collectors as well as the everyday consumer

components \ 4 stamps with coordinating first day of issue envelopes and cancellation stamps, 4 collector’s sheets, book cover

More than just fashion, Style explores the relationships between people and the most impactful, enduring articles of clothing of all time. The blue jean, little black dress, high heel, and leather jacket are all iconic pieces of fashion that are important for reasons that extend beyond the fashion fashion world.

Each corresponding envelope features a background image of the sewing pattern used for that item, as well as pattern markings that match up when the envelope is built (folded) by the consumer. The square envelopes have extra postage pre-applied, so that when the stamp is adhered to its envelope, the proper postage is applied for mailing. The stamps themselves match up with their unique envelope through pattern markings as well. The collectors sheets can be displayed individually or as a set of four; each one unfolds to share information about its stamp. The book explores an in-depth history of these style-making pieces that have not only endured, but transformed more than just fashion.

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