MOX \ pet food line

client \ academic

timeframe \ 4 weeks (fall 2014)

challenge \ define a target audience, and create packaging for a new a line of pet food

components \ dry kibble, 3 wet food bases, 2 liquid add-ins, 2 powder mixes, and yogurt chips

I created a boutique pet food line whose target customer truly considers their pet a member of the family. Grain-free, no preservatives, and noGMOs are all a great place to start—but with MOX you also get to hand pick the fresh and local foods you want to feed your pet. Achieving the right nutrition is difficult, but MOX is here to help with products that are presented as bases, supplements, or mixes so you can make homemade pet food.

This line is inspired by the changing attitudes among people about the foods they put in their own bodies—specifically the shift to eating local in an effort to eliminate preservatives, the breakdown of vitamins and minerals due to processing and travel, and to support local communities. For those who are putting this level of care into their own food choices, extending the same logic to what they feed their pets only makes sense.

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