There’s No Place Like Home

There’s No Place Like Home \ SLMM National Conference

client \ The Society of Layerists in Multi-Media

contributors \ susan dreiling & colin baker

timeframe \ 3 months (summer 2014)

challenge \ create an identity for the national conference and dual exhibitions

components \ conference catalogue and posters, name tags, gallery signage, exhibition postcard, tote bag

The conference name, “There’s No Place Like Home,” was given to us as a starting point, and we began by brainstorming for a concept that could extend the theme beyond The Wizard of Oz connection. We instead focused on the word “Home” and how it related to the journey that each artist would take. Breaking the the conference down into its five days and each one’s coinciding events afforded us the opportunity to create a system of icons that represented each day. Attendees would arrive on day one, then explore, celebrate, create, and depart; the icon set works as a visual timeline and markers for each day. Of course, Kansas imagery was drawn on as inspiration, and so the farmhouse, wind and hills, sunshine, wheat, and aircraft are relevant to the location.

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